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Therapy Methods

Art therapy — In art therapy sessions, we use different creative methods like collage, drawing, or sculpting to explore what's going on in your life. Sometimes we don’t have the words to express what’s going on for us internally. That’s where art can be very helpful – it gives words to things that are so hard to say. When we can finally express the problem, we can find a solution.

Talk therapy — In traditional talk therapy sessions, my main objective is to help you and your family live better. Whether that means managing your symptoms of anxiety or depression, navigating relationship difficulties, or dealing with a traumatic situation, I’ll be here to listen and support you in figuring out new ways to thrive. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Seeking Safety.

Play therapy — For the last five years, I have come to specialize in working with young children and their families. Play is the language of children. Through play, children can tell us what's going on in their worlds. They can explore the challenges in their lives and test out new solutions. I am trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy and specialize in treating childhood trauma.

Christian Counseling — Though I work with clients from many diverse backgrounds, I am a Christian and can integrate a Christian perspective into therapy if you choose.  

Treatment modalities

Family sessions — Sometimes we need a little help communicating with those we love. Whether it's working through conflict, trauma, or life changes, family sessions allow you and your family to grow together. 

Individual sessions — In individual sessions, we can explore whatever is on your mind. I work from an insight-oriented, strengths-based approach to treat children, teens, and adults.